Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Commissioned...& a thought...

Yesterday was a special day for me. I became a liscensed minister in the Assemblies of God. I was able to see many of the pastors and district friends that have supported me. And, it was very special to me to have my Senior Pastor, Dan Betzer there. He gave me a big hug afterwards and expressed how proud he was of me. It meant a lot to hear that from someone I respect, and someone who has a lot of people to talk to but still takes time out for little guys like me.

I have one thought that expresses my feelings on this new era of life: "You say your people exist for the sake of your position...I say, your position exists for the freedom of your people" (from the movie Braveheart). I watched that line a few days ago, and thought of our Master and Lord of all Kings becoming a servant to flesh containers, us, and telling us "the greatest among you should serve" and so while it is an honor to be called what I am, it is not the goal, the reason or the purpose. Every day of life is still about two things: to love God and love men.

writing in Africa soon...

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