Tuesday, July 25, 2006


a fun day...

Today was a very fun day.
My Pastor and friend, Dan Betzer, is visiting his son (my boss) here in SA. I was privileged to go with them to shoot some of Pastors "Byline" footage here in Africa. I've watched him on t.v., and marveled, and it was a real treat to be a part of it. He actually introduced me in one of them...sometimes I really do feel like little ol' Charlie Bucket, some kid from some shack that got a golden ticket and is able to peak about in a huge chocolate factory...God is indeed so good, and I'm thankful.

Not sure when it will air, or if I'll make the final cut but that honestly isn't what was fun. Being able to spend time with a mentor and friend...that means so much to me, and the Father is kind to give me such good times in midst of great transition.

yep, fun.
in Him

Friday, July 21, 2006


fields ablaze?

In a place of desperation. I've learned what fire is for...
Here in SA they've got a weird practice during winter. It's weird to our custom, but actually it's more economical. Rather than paying large sums of money to mow grass along interstate or rural roads, they start this huge bush fires. Driving around at night, it can be a sadistically beautiful site. I look outside the window of my truck, and there are fields ablaze...

As I contemplated the imagery, I thought of what you might be thinking-- "fields ablaze." Yes, it was a spiritual foreshadow for me, too as I thought of my hopes to see such a thing parellel to the mission field, and such a thing take place in the fire of the Spirit as He spreads across men who welcome Him. Here is the kicker...this was tough for me to fully grab...but fields burn best when they are dry...oooohhh...they don't burn their grass fields in Africa during the Summer or Spring, but during Winter...what does that mean??? Dry??? That doesn't sound like a spiritual trophy to me...dry?? I can almost feel this one...in my own heart, my own spirit, I feel dry at times...I feel like a great thing has been emptied from me, as if I'm a tree trunk chopped down from it's heighth and being remade again...

We sing, "let Your fire come" and I don't think we realize that when we sing that we are not asking for Holy Ghost goose-bumps but for a rude awakeninig and a cry for deep holiness with a removal of flesh (things we like sometimes gotta go.) Do I really want God's fire? Do I really want the fields ablaze? I've asked for it and have planted with weaping more than I can count or measure or try to brag or doubt...I've earnestly thougt or wished on fire...but have I really wanted the dryness? Have I really wanted the Winter season? I hate my "Winter" seasons. I've seen several cycles these last 4 years of my frienship with Jesus. I've seen this little sees take root during my "Springtime", and wash down warm rain waters and collect warm sunlight...I've then extended my branches and come fully alive during "summers" and then at the peak of long days and beautiful heat I collect the harvest...then a cold wind comes to me giving me direction, changing the color of my leaves, but a break from the heat doesn't sound bad and I enjoy the Fall....but then, the death of Winter grabs me, it suffocates my life with short days, no growth, and a long waiting endurance for summer again...

I've asked for fire but the things that have to hurt me and make me dry absolutely suck. I hate them. But the phsical gives away a tiny hidden pearl of the Kingdom out in the field, worth selling everything for...fields burn during Winter...the dry burn the best...O God, I pray we may grab this...what am I saying...Father help ME to grab this...help me to welcome the true fire, and warrant the ability to allow Your fields to burn with a Holy passion...in the moments where I am unholy, burn me, make me dry to my passions for earth, entertainment, my own pleasure, give me a Kingdom heart, a true selfless passion to not care for myself more than for my neighbor...

Well, I still haven't done much for the Kingdom, but I am in prayer, and desring to know God so that He can do it...so far I'm just a big talker, so don't worry this entry still sounds bigger than what I've really done...be blessed, Nate

Sunday, July 16, 2006


thirsty...in South Africa

hey again,
All praise is to our God. It's tough to not address Him if I speak or write. I'm thirsty for Jesus, and for His love.
Yet besides worshiping Jesus, there is little for me to write on. I've been having quite the time so far getting adjusted to everything. It's been good, and have been able to connect with many on a personal level, both in the Body and in the community.
I've found the exposure of something in my heart, as if the Father let light shine on a part of me that I like to hide. You see, there is this deep rooted thing in me that wants to be a Jim Elliot, a stoned to death Stephen or a driven out Luther. I find that so often I equate that place of intense suffering with the pleasure of God, as if somehow I will prove that I truly follow Him.
And here I am, in the richest part of Africa. I eat at decent restaraunts, I live in a cozy little "flat" (apartment), I drive a nice truck. Yet I've been able to hold orphans in my arms. I've had little kids call me "Daddy." I've been a jungle gym to a few dozen kids in the poorer area's of town. I've begun to love every African I've met.
1 Cor. 13 speaks of how often we try to find works rather than grace, and we don't understand boundless love. It says "if I gave all I had...if I threw my body to the flame of torture, and had not love..." I've been liberated by this concept. Someday, I do wish to go to a land with harsh persecution that has restricted the Gospel, and come into it with the freedom of annointing and God's mighty power that rules over the kings of earth. Yet, for now, I am content in love. I am in desire simply and only to love my King and His Kingdom.
Last entry, I mentioned my "Jericho Path" and it has been my goal that every trip I make to a shop or food market is a chance to explain why this goofy white American would dare live in another land, and tell of the One Who sent me. You see, the level of my condition has become irrelevant, and now my goal is simply love. The Love of God, and His love of men.
That is my place of thirst, and my place of dwelling.

With His Love, -Nate

Saturday, July 01, 2006



I'm here.
And the passion is not for cool pictures, or to tell you a cool story. It is for Jesus, for Jesus alone, for He is the One who has lead me hear, like a baby in the palm of a Father. Already, David my supervising missionary, had my truck lined up. I've been driving on the wrong side of the road for two days (the left side) and on the right side inside the car, the stick to me left...getting used to it, he already had me on my own. I guess the best practice is the kind you do and not watch!

I'm in prayer over this land, and the declaration bellowed from my soul "JESUS IS KING OF AFRICA" and I said it in as many places as I could. I have enjoyed the throne room of God the most...no matter where we go, no matter what place in the world we see...the most beautiful room we go to is the secret one that HE meets us in...it is pure joy to know the Lord.

Well, the plan to hit the road may be in the next month or so. Yet on my way to Jericho, I pray that He guides me and helps me not to forget the hurt man on the path. I pray that I don't miss a single opportunity. Have had fun holding orphans in my arms...a little orphan girl called me "Pappa" earlier...it was the melting of my heart, and I had no reservations about becoming her jungle gym for the rest of the day. Have connected with a few guys my age. I can see some great friendships already in the mix.

Tired...will write again...

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