Saturday, January 27, 2007


Mozambique #2--Harvest!

"Do not be weary in well doing, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6.9

Why would such a verse exist? Likely, because doing good things can be hard work and has the possibility to wear us out. Why else would it exist? Because in all the trimming and carving to be done on the inside of us, the possibility of harvest reaping is ahead and even now it is here.

I've now seen with my own eyes a small girl exclaim "momma, papa, Jesus!!!" for the first time in her life---born deaf only to hear and speak what she heard. I wasn't the one God used to do the miracle, I was a bystander watching Heidi Baker be used of the Lord...Yet, I pray that even if I were to have been the one He chose, that I would still just treat it as though I was watching the Lord. Anyway, I've read her books, I've admired her ministry from afar and yet now to watch the creation of tomorrow's history take place before'm a bit at a loss for what to say...

The Lord in His grace allowed me to preach in another village that had never had a gospel witness, ever. It was Muslim and had rejected the gospel messenger's prior to our arrival--with rocks thrown. Yet Jesus gave me about a full day to set aside time for prayer and to seek His heart for those people. The night before I went out for a drive into the bush and sat in my truck about a few kilometers near the village. I just sat and spoke liberty and freedom over the people...I was content the next night to just go and watch the Kingdom advance and to simply hold kids in my arms and pray while it all happened...Then, from amongst a crowd of hundreds, Heidi called me forward and asked me to preach before she was even half done. Something in my soul wanted to cry, not because I was sad or afraid but just because I don't deserve stuff like this. I read the other day about the invitation Jesus gave Simon to fish for the hearts of men. When the Lord miraculously provided a huge catch of literal fish to symbolize the emerging ministry of Simon Peter and the Pentecost 3 years later, this human vessel said to Jesus, "get away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man." I know what he meant. He didn't really want Jesus to get away, it was just that the prospect of Him doing such great things through him overwhelmed him with something he couldn't fully grasp or feel like he deserved. Sometimes I tell the Lord that type of thing, too, and then HE exclaims, "Nate, PREACH! I'm with you, right? Go, preach!" And, so, at the invitation of Jesus inside His daughter Heidi, I proclaimed the Word of God, though translation was needed and though there is much needed discipleship ahead, the Lord used it as only HE can. The prayer time after my message was marvelous, and these formerly forgotten people were found in the love of Jesus Christ. Children were up at the front...yet I'm finding the idea of "altar calls" is almost silly in these village, for when HE falls on us the entire village becomes an altar-a place to meet God. Dozens desired prayer for healing, and healing came. I laid hands on a man's back only to feel such warmth come from my heart and then into my hands and then into his back, and the smile on the man's face told me he was healed and felt better. Praise God!!!

So after over a month of no running water, constant harrasment from corrupt police officers, several truck problems (in the remote area's I may add) I'm refreshed in God and am no longer wanting to remain weary, for a moment, in His harvest field. It's a new year, not just on the calender but in the heavenly realms it's a new season with His stuff getting poured out on anyone who says "Yes!" Let's say yes and allow Him to bring His harvest about. It's happening, the Kingdom is coming, and on the other side of the Jordan nothing we leave behind us will be regretted. Let's go!

in Him

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